About Me

Hi! I’m Ashlie, a 20-something year old entrepreneur and College Student with a passion for fashion and just an all around love for women, and women’s clothing. This brand is for the women, by a woman. I have always been a girls, girl and I always will be! It has always been so important to me, to uplift myself as well as other women and make sure they feel seen and beautiful! I plan to always, in some way, cater to all body types and sizes! For years my social media platforms have allowed me to reach and influence many women in a positive way everyday, including in their fashion choices. Countless times I have been told how much I inspire women and how they admire me for things I don’t even think too much of. I am forever humble and grateful. Now I’m here to give the girls what they’ve been waiting for! 

I am also a designer that took an interest in style and fashion at a very young age. I have been super into my look and the way that I dress since I was a child. Shopping and getting dressed up are literally my favorite things in the world to do and always have been. I’ve been called a “Shopaholic” so many times throughout my life and I always thought it was so funny, and it’s true! That’s where my brand name “Shopaholics Anonymous” derived from. I love to shop and I love clothes so I figured, why not make a living off of it? So now, I am shopping to provide YOU with some of the trendiest looks around. Thank you for your interest in my company and for your support!

Happy Shopping!